Business Services GroupThe Center for Regional Studies serves the State of Nevada with data and market analyses designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.

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Retail Revenues & Taxable Sales

By examining sales trends in various parts of town, it is possible to see which types of businesses are succeeding, which aren’t, and where there may be an underserved market.
The Center for Regional Studies, by special order of the governor, is able to collect and analyze taxable sales data for individual businesses in Washoe County and report that data in aggregate form by SIC code.

Because of the exhaustive process involved with entering this type of data into the GIS, detailed taxable sales analyses are currently only available for Washoe County, Carson City, Churchill County and Douglas County.

SAMPLE Retail Sales Report

SAMPLE Retail Sales Report


Per Market Area:

Carson City

Churchill County

Douglas County

Lyon County

Nye County

Washoe County