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New Residential Market Activity Report

If you’re interested in a detailed,  regional look at the Greater Reno-Sparks area, we offer a comprehensive Market Activity Report.  In this report, the Reno-Sparks area is divided up into 9 distinct subregions and all aspects of the housing market are analyzed for each of the nine subregions showing:

  • the current stock of all approved/unbuilt subdivisions including:
    • Project name and location, including the actual “footprint”;
    • Type of community (single or multi family, condo, or senior facility);
    • Total number of planned units tentatively mapped for the subdivision;
    • Total number of planned units with final maps ready for construction;
    • Total number of final-mapped units that have closed escrow;
    • Total number of planned units remaining to be constructed and sold;
    • Number of finished units in standing inventory awaiting sale;
    • Number of bank-owned units or lots;
    • Average sale price of new and existing homes;
  • the location and size of finished, buildable lots;
  • the estimated buildout and absorption rate of all planned units;
  • a 10-year population and housing unit forecast;
  • quarterly home sales and foreclosure trends;
  • the current demographic profile of each subregion including breakdowns for population, age, race, sex, employment, and income characteristics;
  • and the current average daytime employment by industry for each subregion.
Report Subregions

Map of Report Subregions

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Table of Contents

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1q10 Summary Stats

Subregion Summary Stats

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SAMPLE Absorption Data

SAMPLE Absorption and Projection Data


SAMPLE Subregion Housing Map


SAMPLE Approved-Unbuilt Data

SAMPLE Subregion Demographics


SAMPLE Subregion Employment Data


SAMPLE Finished Lots Map


The report is available in a spiral-bound hard copy format as well as an electronic PDF. Pricing for the New Residential Market Activity Report is as follows:

Greater Reno-Sparks Area $650/quarter $2,000/annual subscription

To order a copy of the New Residential Market Activity Report, please call Brian Bonnenfant at 775-784-1771 or email