Business Services GroupThe Center for Regional Studies serves the State of Nevada with data and market analyses designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.

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New Residential Construction

Knowing how many new housing units are planned for a particular neighborhood is a critical factor in planning for new businesses and services.

Our databases of planned, approved, and under construction subdivisions in the Northern Nevada area include the following data for each project:

  • Project name and location, including the actual “footprint”;
  • Type of community (single or multi family, condo, or senior facility);
  • Total number of units tentatively mapped for the subdivision;
  • Total number of planned units with final maps ready for construction;
  • Total number of final-mapped units that have closed escrow;
  • Total number of planned units remaining to be constructed and sold;
  • Number of finished/constructed units in standing inventory awaiting sale (Washoe County only);
  • Number of bank-owned units (Washoe County only);
  • Average sale price of new and existing units for prior quarter (Washoe County only).

We sell our New Residential Construction data in three ways: