Business Services GroupThe Center for Regional Studies serves the State of Nevada with data and market analyses designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.

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Current Demographics

Do you know who your customers are but are unsure where they reside?

Are you curious where most of the future growth will take place?

The Center for Regional Studies can answer these types of questions with custom demographic analyses specifically designed to help our clients identify their target markets.

Using the latest neighborhood block-level data from the 2000 Census as the benchmark, the Center for Regional Studies uses current local assessor’s data to model the data in order to provide current-year estimates for most demographic variables.  Our demographic analyses are available for either a market area of analysis or ring radius (1/3/5 mile or 1/2/3 mile, for example) analysis for a particular intersection. For an additional charge, most of these variables can be queried for any area in the United States.

Coverage: Per Market Area: 1-3 Radius Rings:
Washoe County $100 $100

Sample Demographics Report:

Sample Demographics Report -- Page 1

Sample Demographics Report -- Page 1

Sample Demographics Report -- Page 2

Sample Demographics Report -- Page 2

Custom market areas of virtually any shape or size can be created to analyze the following demographic variables:

  • Census Population
    • Percent Increase
    • Average Annual Growth Rate
  • Persons Per Square Mile
  • Households
    • Average Household Size in Owner-Occupied Units
    • Average Household Size in Renter-Occupied Units
    • Households by Size, Type, and Presence of Children
  • Families
    • Average Family Size
    • Family and Nonfamily households by Size
  • Number of Housing Units
    • Number of Owner-Occupied Units
    • Number of Renter-Occupied Units
    • Occupancy Rate
  • Median Rental Rate by # of Bedrooms for MF Units
  • Race Estimates
  • Sex Estimates
  • Age Estimates
    • Median Age
    • Median Age of Householder
  • Household Income Estimates
    • Median Household Income
    • Median Family Income
    • Per Capita Income

Jump to our Current Demographics page to download all of the latest demographic data for Washoe County and the cities of Reno and Sparks.