Business Services GroupThe Center for Regional Studies serves the State of Nevada with data and market analyses designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.

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What We Provide

Here are some of the services and products that we offer:

  • New Residential Construction:    The Center for Regional Studies offers the most complete and current real estate data for the Northern Nevada area.  Our comprehensive housing datasets include information on all new residential developments, tracking them from the pre-tentative map phase all the way through the project’s build-out.
  • Home Sales and Foreclosure Activity for Washoe County showing monthly home sales and foreclosure statistics calculated using data obtained from the county assessor’s office.  This data is more current and comprehensive than you will find anywhere else.
  • Demographic analyses for any size or shape market area using data modeled in-house using current Assessor’s data and 2000 Census data as a baseline. Our demographic analyses allow you to find the current population, ages, races, income levels, and household estimates for any area. Additionally, if you are looking for a specific market segment (Hispanics over the age of 50 with a median household income greater than $75,000, for instance) we have the ability to pinpoint the parts of town with the highest concentrations of people in your target market.
  • Retail Sales by SIC Code for any size/shape market area in Washoe County are available showing calendar year totals, averages, and trends. This type of analysis can show which part of town may be saturated or underserved by a particular type of business. Because we track retail sales by location, the level of detail obtainable through our analyses is unmatched by any other agency.
  • Employment and Number of Firms for 10 major industries for any market area in Washoe County (county-level data available for the other counties). Tracking the “daytime market” can be useful for any business engaged in business-to-business transactions; this type of analysis will show where the highest concentrations of people are during the workday as well as the types of businesses that are located in certain areas.
  • Quarterly Economic Indicators for Washoe County are available with a narrated analysis of major economic factors such as employment, taxable sales, tourism, construction starts, and gaming revenues.
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Vacant Property Sales based on Washoe County Assessor’s data.  This report shows sales of commercial, industrial and vacant property for Reno, Sparks, the North Valleys region, the South Reno region and Washoe County.
  • Proposed Commercial Activity for the Reno-Sparks area including a map of all proposed locations, the anticipated size of the project, and type of business is available to serve as a guide to where the newest businesses are locating in town.
  • Geocoding/address matching shows where competitors are in relation to other businesses. We can show on a map where all veterinarians are, for instance, or find how many grocery stores are located within a 3 mile radius of a certain location.

Most of our work is on a custom basis, meaning each job is designed to fit the client’s needs. We do, however, offer a comprehensive Business Activity Report for Washoe County that includes much of the data mentioned above for 9 subregions of the Reno-Sparks area. The report is available as a book or on CD-ROM for $300, which is substantially less than what each component would cost individually. Please call for more details on this report.

For more information about our services, please contact Brian Bonnenfant at (775-784-1771).