Business Services GroupThe Center for Regional Studies serves the State of Nevada with data and market analyses designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.

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2012 Housing Reports

Beginning in 2012, the Center for Regional Studies will be charging a small fee for the monthly housing reports that we compile.  As a self-funded entity of the University of Nevada, Reno, the Center for Regional Studies has always made it a priority to provide the most current and accurate data to the public, but the economic realities of today’s economy means that we must try to recover some of our costs to maintain these databases and reports.

We are working on incorporating a storefront with shopping cart into our website so these reports may be purchased and downloaded directly from the website, but until we are ready to go live with that, please contact Brian Kaiser at (775-287-1237) or Brian Bonnenfant custom essay uk writers at (775-784-1771) to purchase these reports.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.