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Reno 2020 – What might the Reno area look like ten years from now?


link to study: click here

The Center for Regional Studies at UNR was asked by the Reno Gazette Journal to help with the development of scenarios for what northern Nevada might look like ten years hence – in the year 2020.

Methodology: To develop scenarios of how the region may evolve over the next decade, we decided to utilize an “outside in” approach – that is to first identify major underlying forces, including international and national forces, over which we have little or no control.

The next step is to identify state and local forces that are influencing our future. In some cases, decisions made at the state and/or local level may be able to influence some of these forces.

The final step is to bring together business and community leaders to discuss these forces and some of the choices which might cause different outcomes for our region and to flesh out what these futures may hold for our citizens, businesses, institutions and communities.

The UNR team has identified the following key trends, constraints and paradigm shifts occurring at the international, national, regional, state and local levels.